Face to Face with Ralf SCHUMACHER, by Agnes CARLIER

Updated: August 4, 2013
ralf schumacher

We talked informally with him. Ralf Schumacher still lives in Salzburg. His son David is now 12 years old and looks at karting races for fun…only comments the proud father.


Agnes Carlier: Ralf Schumacher, what are you up to these days ?

Ralf Schumacher: I have switched from Formula 1 to DTM . I know now that it has been the right decision because after my last F1 race of the 2010 season, the   race the results were not following my expectations. My own Formula One career spanned over 11 seasons from 1997 to 2007, during which time I won six races from 180 starts and achieved 27 podium finishes. I was lacking of success before retiring from Grand Prix racing after failing to secure a drive for 2008 and really DTM is a good choice and a great series and there is a really nice atmosphere too. The tracks are usually challenging and difficult like here in Moscow an example. You can make a lot of mistakes if you are not fully focused.

AC: What do you miss from F1?

RS: I suppose that F1 racing is the pinnacle of driving. When you drive F1 you can give the best you have as a driver And F1 is completely difficult.
Somehow as the clock tickles when you come to a certain age, you realize that you are not into success any longer and it is time to reconsider your career. This is exactly when the offer from Mercedes came and I tried the cars and I have adopted the formula.

Mercedes DTM 2013 line-up, with Juncadella and Wehrlein above right


AC: What is good in DTM?

RS: For a driver’s point of view the car is totally matching the drivers effort. It is up to the driver to make the best of its package at every race. So the success ratio is very nice.

AC: But now you are not  driving…

RS: Indeed, it is hard to say, biut at the same time, it is not difficult to say: I am a retired driver after I competed  in five seasons with Mercedes before announcing my  retirement from motorsport a few weeks ago ahead of the 2013 season.
It is quite different. I am now sitting on the pitwall and managing the Mercedes young drivers Pascal Wehrlein and Daniel Juncadella from Spain who both drive the stern Mercedes AMG team DTM Mercedes AMG C-Coup cars Nr 18 and nr 17 . Our two drivers are two very young talented future stars. I am running the team. This is opening a new door to manage motorsport. I really enjoy doing this and I must say that the results for the team are really positive. We are running the youngest driver line up  and I can be proud of the team. The young stars are great young drivers flexible and talented.


Date of birth: June 30, 1975 (38 y/o)
Place of birth: Hürth-Hermühlheim, Germany

Overall Stats

Races entered: 296
Wins: 20
Podiums: 64
Pole positions: 21
Fastest laps: 24


Motorsports / DTM: german touring cars championship 2013 at Moskow City Race

 At a DTM press conference this weekend in Moscow, along with Rockenfeller, Priaulx and Petrov

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