Vitaly PETROV face to face with a Russian rocket hero, by Agnes CARLIER

Updated: August 7, 2013



Agnes Carlier: New Petrov, are you discovering a new life style with Mercedes ?

Vitaly Petrov: Yes, I drove the car for the first time at the Moscow street race in July 2013 and it was a good experience. After a one year break off F1, I rested and recharged my batteries.  I am ready  to mentally look back on my career and analyse the good and bad things that I have gone through over three years in Formula I and what i have already achieved over three seasons and where I want to go next and position myself and what my goals are.
I am also clearer on who and with whom I would like to work for.


AC: Are you ready for a new career slice ?

VP: Yes definitely and in other words, I am fully ready to attack a new slice of a racing life in Formula I racing and I can disclose that three proposal from top teams have reached my office. But you have to understand that I cannot disclose the teams I am talking with. Do not worry, I need to make a decision soon to drive in march 2014 for the first Grand Prix of the F1 season.


AC: What have you changed ?

VP: I am positive and have a positive look on everything. This is the right direction never to be upset.


AC: And much later when the F1 time is over ?

VP: Why not DTM after F1. I did try  the cars and on Sunday, I will replace Ralf Schumacher at the wheel of the DTM Mercedes AMG C-Coupé, I am the first Russian driver  to drive a DTM car. I’m thrilled by my cooperation with DTM!




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